About Us

What makes our leads be of such a high standard?

All enquiries made are filtered and checked to ensure that all the details you require are present within the lead. If having received the lead you are dissatisfied with the contact details as they are incorrect or fake then we shall refund lead for you. Our system is very comprehensive though, so this should very rarely occur.


The market is always changing (both for lease and new and used cars) so we respect the fact that you as a dealership, will change your methods and practices, and so you should, there is no point in continuing old methods if they become ineffective as the climate changes. Therefore we will not tie you down with any contracts or put any pressure on you with any minimum spend clauses, how much you want to spend on sales leads is completely up to you so feel free to buy as many or as little as you want.

Where the leads come from

We are part of a huge network of auto related sites which people visit in order to find, buy or at least make an offer on cars. As soon as we distinguish a genuine car buyer through their enquiry the lead shall be sold, and you could very well be the buyer. This should in turn increase your sales and help you reach targets prompting manufacturer bonuses.

Privacy and Security

Your rights to privacy and security are of upmost importance to us and we are always working to ensure that these rights are protected and valued by investing in the latest technology which will always be one step ahead of anyone attempting to threaten those rights.